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F1 | Negotiations between Alpine and Ferrari intensify over 2026 Power Unit supply

In the paddock of the Austrian GP contacts continue between Alpine and Ferrari for the power unit from 2026.

In recent days a rumour has emerged about the Italian team in contention for the supply of the power unit from 2026, when the new, more sustainable power units will arrive. The transalpine team is evaluating the possibility of abandoning the proprietary PU to use the Italian one in the next regulatory cycle. Rumours that seem to have been confirmed in the paddock at the Austrian GP, with Alpine and Ferrari in possible negotiations for the power unit from 2026.

Alpine Ferrari Power Unit 2026
Eric Meignan and Enrico Gualtieri in talks on Sunday during Austrian GP – @F1ingenerale

According to what has emerged, Alpine could be considering the option of switching from manufacturer team to customer from 2026. Bruno Famin, TP of the French team, has been reflecting on the situation and may have contacted rival manufacturers for the power unit supply. On the Sunday of the Austrian GP, it emerged in the Formula 1 paddock that negotiations between Alpine and Ferrari might be more genuine, with the two team representatives glimpsed behind motorhomes.

The intense talks in Austria

During our tour of the Austrian paddock, we met Enrico Gualtieri and Éric Meignan engaged in conversation behind the McLaren motorhome. Gualtieri, within the Scuderia Ferrari, has a key role in the management of the Ferrari Power Unit department. In fact, he is the PU technical director and he is working on the design of the new power unit in use from 2026. On the other hand, the Alpine representative is the current Power Unit technical director of the French team. It was therefore a conversation between counterparts from the two teams, who spent several minutes in a hidden corner of the paddock.

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Given the length of the conversation, should it have centred on the supply of the 2026 Power Units, it may have touched on the subject of the state of work. Having concluded this delicate discussion, which took place away from prying eyes, they moved in their respective hospitality, after several people had noticed their conversation.

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